Chipmunk - SINGLE


Maximum support shoe insert
For patients with fully correctable foot positions, and mild to moderate low tone pronation.

More Product Information

If you would like a different size, width or modification per foot, please order as single inserts:

Right or Left:
Sizing Jig (PDF)


Please consult your practitioner before adding these options to your order. Each modification is specially designed and should only be chosen when needed. If you do not see a modification that you would like, please contact our Customer Service Team at 800.848.7332.


Product Information

Key Features

  • Medial trimline covers and protects navicular
  • Flattened toe shelf
  • Bottom plastic base diagonal forefoot trimline and full heel cup
  • Plastic surface supports with soft foam contours
  • Wide size range, fit to measure
    • Widths: Wide and Narrow
    • Sizes: 4.00 - 12.25 in. (.25-in increments)
  • For more product information, visit the Chipmunk product page on

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